Sunday, October 31, 2021

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021



The trick to listening to audio books is to be doing something, I sew. I know many people who listen to audio books while they are driving others listen while they are exercising. The reason you have to be doing something is to stay awake- a good audio book is like a bed time story, it will put you to sleep.

NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDRICK DOUGLASS by Fredrick Douglass in audio book format is available FREE on YouTube the Audio Books channel.  

This audiobook is a 3 part series of a man, a former slave, who lived from about 1818 to 1895. The length of each section is as follows: Part 1- 59:54, Part 2- 52:46, and Part 3- 2:10:44. The division makes sense because part one is primarily introductions and such, part two is the foundation and part three is the meat of the book- the life of a slave. 

As a child I read a biography of Fredrick Douglass, I am sure I had a crush on this very handsome man. Reading back then, as I read now, I understood the sins of slavery. Back then I read as a child now I understand as an adult and I submit to everyone reading this book is something we all should do. 

There is no doubt that Mr. Douglas was treated harshly yet, as he explains, others were treated worst. Mr. Douglas pointed out that not all White people were cruel but that did not make slavery tolerable. 

This narrative succinctly describes, details, the life of a man who should not be owned. He describes the events of his bondage: the lack of food, the harsh work, the penalties- beatings- for disobedience, and even the inability to do anything about a woman being raped by the “Master” or the Master’s friends.  

But, in discussing the cruelties of slavery he injects the mindset of a man determined to be free. He talked about learning to read and write and even teaching others. I was moved as he and other fellow slaves made plans to escape, clearly these were not “ignorant niggers” but intelligent men and women. 

Books like NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDRICK DOUGLASS are not on many reading list in todays schools. I believe it is because Mr. Douglas a Black man succeeded despite the real racism he experienced. This book encourages people to: work hard, study hard, not let people who hate you stop you and  have faith in God not man.   

Every Black male should read or listen to this book. The moral of this story: If God is on your side no man can keep you down.  

   Written by Marsha L Floyd.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

HEALING ACROSS the VEIL by Margaret Grace

 I can tell you what I think of HEALING ACROSS THE VEIL by Margaret Grace in less than 5 words but I will add 5 more: I don’t like it and I do not recommend it. 

This is the second book I was asked to review in which the author declares that the dead helped write the book. Both authors claim “spirituality” and Ms. Grace mentions god (note I purposely used a lower case “g”). 

I area of specialty in writing and book reviews is biblically based literature. I usually warn writers that I am very critical when the Bible is invoked. Technically, this author did not cite Scripture or reference Jesus, she confessed to being ‘spiritual’. Note, she did reference Scripture but it was clear she has no clue.

It took me almost a month to read this 59 page book because my faith would not allow me to comprehend the darkness found throughout the pages.  I finally asked my heavenly father why. Why could I not get into this book? His answer: 

1 Corinthians 14:33

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
Her words, the sequence of the chapters, the explanations for her experiences fell short of clarity. It may have made sense to her but despite the topic of discussion being important- being molested as a child- the presentation of the information fell short. 

The facilitator of her healing was her ability to speak to the dead not the Holy Spirit. I remember decades ago accompanying my sister to a psychic. My sister was able to speak to a deceased relative but when it became my turn there was nothing. Demonic spirits cannot talk to God’s children, at that time my sister did not have a personal relationship with God through Jesus.  As a member of the Unity Church the author was able to speak to a demonic spirit posing as her father. 

I had to Google ‘Unity Church’ to be sure my understanding of its’ doctrine was accurate.  To say it is a Christ centered church would be a lie, just like the title of this book.

The book is not biblically based. It is found on ‘spirtuality’ via a generic faith system that has nothing to do with Creator God. If Amazon allows me to post this review it will receive a one star only because I cannot give it a thumbs down. THERE ARE OTHER BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED ABUSE GET THEM.   Written by Marsha L Floyd


Monday, September 13, 2021


 I had to think about this seventy-seven page book of poetry, WATER FOR THE ROSE by Wayne Luthi. I actually read most of it over 2 weeks ago and enjoyed it. My notes were more than words but, I thought it would be unfair to the reader because this book of poems is meant to be savored not devoured. Thus I took a pause and revisited the poems, from the lens of a poetry lover and not a book reviewer.

WATER FOR THE ROSE is a collection of introspective poems that is better appreciated in the calm of the day and not the hustle and bustle of life. Don’t read it on your way to work, read at the end of your day with a nice beverage. 

The poems are emotion driven. A friend and I read one poem together, “walk with me together” - what a unique experience. This one poem lead to a discussion about relationships. 

The poems in the book WATER FOR THE ROSE are thought provoking, eclectic, and sensual. These poems appeal to the essence of the reader thus they are subject to interpretation.  The poems are conversational, perfect for a book club. It is also great book to read out loud if you are lounging on the beach with a friend, listening to jazz and drinking wine. 

My autograph copy of WATER FOR THE ROSE by Wayne Luthi would be sitting on my coffee table if I had one but because I don’t it will be on my book shelf in a place with all of the other books I recommend.

   Written by Marsha L Floyd 

Monday, August 9, 2021


 I have been watching this channel for about a year now and this is the first time I watched an entire “live” episode, though it was post-live. This is a homesteading channel, it caught my eye because the owner of the channel is a young Black man and his family. I continue watching because: he is full of information about farming; he is a great father, as evidenced by his interactions with his children; and a good husband, of which his wife will testify. 

THE GROW FAMILY NETWORK channel is an excellent channel no matter what your gardening skill level is. BUT, today’s video share has nothing to do with homesteading and everything to do with homesteading: “BILL GATES BUYS MOST OF AMERICA’S RICHEST FARMLAND, but What will He Do With It?”

I have already shared this video on both Facbook and MeWe and I informed the viewer that it is long. We have to get out of the habit of watching sound-bites for our news and information- this is how fake news is developed. King’s video style, like mine, is conversational, as he states he is sharing this information because we need to hear it, we need to know.         Written by Marsha L Floyd  

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


 LETTERS OF A WOMAN HOMESTEADER BY Elinore Pruitt Stewart is an autobiographical account of a female in the early 1900s who sets out to homestead. This is the first audio-book of this length that I actually listened to- 5 hours, 19 minutes and 53 seconds.  I enjoyed it. 

Because I am very much interested in lifestyles, particularly those of early Americans this book was perfect for me. LETTERS OF A WOMAN HOMESTEADER BY Elinore Pruitt Stewart  is a series of letters written from 1909- 1914, 5 years of a widowed woman and her child as they venture west. Miss Pruitt Stewart details her impressions of the environment as well as the people she encounters. 

As I listened, and I suspect as one might as he or she read the printed version, I found myself right there in the cold, interacting with the people and satisfying my curiosity of Mormonism; her adventure became my adventure. I am also reminded of the time in which this book was written, I become painfully aware of what various individuals believe about different people groups. I was not offended by her prejudice because I understood that it was truly based on ignorance an not as many of today would call “racism”. 

I listened to a FREE audio version of the book via YouTube’s “Best Audiobooks” channel. The individual reading the book was perfect; I have listened to various audio versions of the Bible and I don’t like some readers. The print version is available via books stores for a fee or FREE on various sights including THE PROJECT GUTENBURG a source of many writings that are no longer copyright protected. 

If you are interested in #AmericanHistory #WomensHistory #History You will want to listen to or read this book. I recommend it.   Written by Marsha L Floyd (Randolph)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

LOSING IKE TO GOD and How God Comforted Us by Indira Onwuzurike


This is a very easy to read biography/ semi-autobiographical book which celebrates the life of a young man who died at the age of 18. It is 360 pages with mostly words from those who were impacted, positively, by the young man known as Ike, pronounced Ee-kay.   Ikechukwu was the first born child to Nigerian parents who lived in Michigan, he loved the Lord God and lived his life accordingly.

Unlike most biographies or autobiographies this book reads more like a testimonial than a from life to death story. It begins shortly before his mother learned of her son's death which leads to her responses, which included prayer, and emotions. I would say about 70%, more or less, of the book is testimonials of others and there are quite a few pictures. 

It is important to note that the family has created a foundation on behalf of their son WWID Foundation, The monies earned from the sell of this book go directly to the non-profit charitable organization. 

I admit to skipping over much of the testimonials, which is how I read the book in a day and absorbing the biographical part. I was very much interested in how this mother endured the sudden loss of her first born child.  Her emotions were pure and detailed, as a mother who lost a child from a terminal illness I cannot imagine losing such a gift at such a blessed time- high school graduation. Yes, I cried.

THIS IS NOT A BOOK TO PURCHASE FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS LOST A CHILD RECENTLY. I feel this warning is important. As I stated above, my son died at the age of 28 but, he had a terminal illness and I was able to prepare for his death. I cannot imagine someone just loosing a child and someone handing this book to them- it will not help. BUY THE BOOK TO SUPPORT THE FOUNDATION and if a grieving parent wants to read it after seeing your copy by one at that time.

I would suggest that this is a good book to read as a church leader, grief counselor or support person for someone who has lost a loved one. 

The one thing, as a Christian, I did not like is the title: We do not lose our children to God. My son graduated from earth to eternity and will always be a part of my life; he is not lost, I will join him again someday.

written by Marsha L F Randolph

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.