Wednesday, December 19, 2012


       If you have ever wondered what happens to the Jews during the end times “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days” by Jonathan Bernis  will present a ideology that you may deem plausible. 
The author presents a detailed discussion of the end times using Scripture to explain how the Jewish people play an important role in the Messiah’s return. The book details the numerous erroneous predictions of the end times presented throughout history which lays a foundation for his end time philosophy.
It is clear that Rabbi Jonathan Bernis is very proud of his Jewish heritage; his support of Israel is admirable. The arguments he presents as to the role Jews play in the end times are understandable and for some will be believable.
      “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days” is an excellent tool to use when evaluating the basis of one’s own beliefs regarding the return of Jesus. With the increased number of end times prophecies it is important to know what and why you believe. It is equally important for Christians to not repeat the embarrassing errors of the past which included the false persecution of Jews.
      Though I learned quite a bit from the book there were a few doctrinal concepts that I am not ready to endorse. I am not one of those who believe Jews are going to hell; they are still God’s chosen people. However the book did not convince me that everything I was taught regarding the end times is wrong.
I recommend this book, I would be more inclined to check the book out of the library though it would not be a bad idea to purchase a copy.  XXX Marsha L. Randolph

Note: Publication date is January 2013 advance orders are being taken. 

I received a reviewers advance copy of the book in ebook format. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

MY MODERN WOMAN by Giscard Nazon

BOOK REVIEW:   “My Modern Woman” by Giscard Nazon is a book that begins with its’ cover, back and front; if you get ‘it’ you will get it. Everyone will not be able to appreciate the length and depth of this single poem that took 57 pages to write.
As I read “My Modern Woman” I felt the unique rhythm of the words written by Giscard Nazon as he weaved faith, politics, life and relationship into a prophetic message. His words were more than a celebration of womanhood; they were a warning to those who do not pay attention to the events of the day and a reminder of God’s word. None of the words written were subtle yet if you have difficulty following the flow of poems that do not rhyme the book may be difficult to understand.
 I enjoyed this book and I do recommend it. However, the very thing that makes me like “My Modern Woman” is probably what will make others not like it.  This poem made me think, like Psalm 119 (which I love) I had to read some passages over again. “My Modern Woman” is not something you will read one time and grasp every concept presented.
Upon successful completion of this book you may find that there are some things you agree with and others you do not.  However, the fact that you completed the book is an indication that Giscard Nazon did exactly what the book cover promised: it got you to think about your faith, your life, your government and your relationships, all in just 57 pages.   
I recommend this book. This is a book I would purchase. Marsha L Randolph 
I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair review. This I have done. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012