Monday, April 22, 2013


It is true that I have become bias when it comes to books written by D. I. Telbat, however, as with any book in a series there is an expectation from the reader that each book has to be better than the last and I have enjoyed the Coil Series thus far, though perhaps not as exciting as the first (nothing really is) it is still a good read.
“Dark Rule” the third book in the Coil Series by D. I. Telbat can better be appreciated if you have read” “Dark Liaison” and “DarkHearted” (books one and two respectively).  Since “Dark Vessel” will be released sometime this year I think it would be well worth the reader getting all three books now.
I have come to think of the Coil series as the “mission impossible” for Christians. The mission in this book  is to rescue Chen Li a COIL agent from the hands of evil.  Commission of International Laborers, a group of Christian individuals trained in to fight the powers of darkness in a non-deadly fashion use their skill on the most dangerous of places around the most violent people.
As with the other books in the series “Dark Rule” by D. I. Telbat is entertaining, suspenseful and suitable for all readers. It does not contain sex or extreme violence. Because this is the 3rd in a series the end becomes anti-climatic yet unlike the other books I was able to reflect on the bigger picture which is the plight of Christians throughout the world who do not have the freedom to worship openly.
 Despite my obvious bias I do recommend you read this book.  Though the reader will be able to follow the story without purchasing the first two in the series there will be a better appreciation for the essence of the series (the difficulties of Christian missionaries) if each book is read.
Though the book is available via Amazon I would highly recommend you download this eBook via SMASHWORDS

 I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Saturday, April 13, 2013


by Marsha L. Randolph    You don’t read “Past Tense™” by Shawn Kilgarlin and Ron Kilgarlin you keep it by your bed and chew on one section at a time. I don’t know what I was thinking when I read the title, it was not until I read a 3rd chapter that I finally got it. (Light bulb-on!) I have this tendency to grab a book and begin reading without paying much attention to the cover.
The full title “Past Tense™ -365 Daily Tools for Putting Stress Behind You- for Good!” is a semi-accurate description as to what the book is about. What I discovered, why I believe this book needs to be kept at your bedside, is the book is filled with living antidotes. There are 24 Sections which categorize the tools to alleviate the various stressors one might encounter. The following are titles of nine of the 24 sections:
 Section 1- Isolating Your Stressors
Section 2 -Stress Handling Tools
Section 3 -Better Health, Less Stress
Section 7 - Family and Stress
Section 9 - When Stress Leads to Addiction
Section 10- Faith Conquers Stress
Section 11- Dealing With Holiday Stress
Section 15 - Overcoming Heartache
Section 23- Dealing With Abuse

Each chapter presents applicable words of understanding along with notable quotations which reinforce the wisdom presented. In addition to the 365 tools to put stress behind you at the end of the book is an excellent resource guide. 
Some may think “I don’t need this book, I am not stressed” you are the ones who need this book the most. “Past Tense™” is about living thus it addresses everyday events.  I recommend this book and I would definitely purchase this book.
I received a complimentary advance reading copy of “Past Tense™” in exchange for an honest review. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Full Armor of God, The: Defending Your Life From Satan's Schemes

    If I could purchase this book for everyone who watches the “witch” shows or reads their horoscope and  of course my friends and family I would.  There is so much lack of knowledge and misinformation distributed that Satan could go on vacation today and reap a harvest on his activities for years UNLESS  people read and apply the information provided in “Full Armor of God, The: Defending Your Life From Satan's Schemes ” by Larry Richards.
Full Armor of God, The: Defending Your Life From Satan's Schemes ” is a much needed study on the  basis of and solution to personal spiritual warfare.  It is more than a study it is an answer to your questions of “why”; it is the solution to your difficulties particularly those that do not make sense.
I have studied Ephesians on more than one occasion, I have heard numerous messages on the amor of God, I have sung songs on the “helmet of salvation” etcetera and I have often heard people say “I don’t leave home without my armor!”  I would say after reading “Full Armor of God, The: Defending Your Life From Satan's Schemes ” you will be dressed for victory.
This is a well written, easy to understand, book. It is an excellent book to read for personal study on spiritual warfare as well as an excellent tool for group bible study. I recommend this book and I strongly encourage you purchase it as well.  Marsha L. Randolph

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this review. 

Monday, April 1, 2013


WOW!  I am so impressed with “Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search by William Y Higgins. Generally speaking I give my recommendation at the end, why wait,  I recommend this book and would definitely purchase it.
Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search is not about a how to find a job outline but a book on the journey a person takes on the road to finding purpose as it relates to career.
If you are familiar with the Apostle Paul’s Damascus road experience (Acts 9) you know that Paul’s career change was that of lead persecutor of Christians to being one of the great leaders of Christianity. This was not an easy transition for Paul yet it is because he did things God’s way that he was so successful despite the bumpy roads, pit stops and so on.
The author, William Y Higgins, incorporates many Bible verses to guide the reader into making the appropriate decisions on the road to the correct job choice. I hesitate to use such terms as ‘job’ ‘career’ or even employment because I believe this is the book that will help the reader discover what his or her God given purpose is. The six secrets are six biblical principles that will help the individual understand how life experiences and current opportunities can be used to discover the correct path on the road to his or her destiny.
As the author stresses, the road to the right career is a process that will take time however I believe if these principles are followed it will lead to a purposeful life in a satisfactory career.  As I read the book I realized these are the very principles I inadvertently followed to get to discover my purpose and current career. Thus for me and for others who read Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search by William Y Higgins this book will validate decisions made that others may have thought were bad ideas.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. 
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