Friday, August 30, 2013

ROBERT GRIFFIN III Athlete, Leader, Believer by Ted Kluck

Robert Griffin III: Athlete, Leader, Believer by Ted Kluck is a book on football that features Robert Griffin III: Athlete, Leader, Believer. It really is to early in his career to right an extensive biography and because there is no “dirt” to speak of the book is more succinct hitting the important aspects of RG3’s development as an athlete.
I don’t know what I expected, particularly since I am a Baltimore Ravens fan and not a real knowledgeable one.  All I knew about RG3 was that he was a man of faith. What I learned after reading this book is that he is a man of faith and family.
I would not discount the book so quickly though. Ted Kluck has established a foundation as to who Robert Griffin III: Athlete, Leader, Believer in contrast to others in his profession. For the novice football fan, of which I consider myself to be, the book gives insight into how great athletes are developed. Furthermore, parents who have dreams of their children leading their team to the Super Bowl will learn the difference in guiding and pushing.
As I said I am a Raven’s fan, I was once a Washington Redskin fan many many many years ago. My job never allowed me the luxury of following any sport to closely and my interest prevented me from memorizing names and numbers of athletes of any team (except the Redskins back in the day).  There is a lot of football history written within the pages of this book and that is what makes it worth the read.

I recommend this book, you might want to check it out at the library, unless you are a real RG3 fan at which case go ahead and purchase it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book .

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

UNSEEN by Jack Graham

     This is the book I have been looking for.  I have a number of books on spiritual warfare, angels, hell and even heaven all though informative seemed to be lacking. Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Winning the Battle for Eternity BY Jack Graham is a practical, realistic, understandable book regarding spiritual forces.
Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Winning the Battle for Eternity is not just a book on spiritual forces it is a facilitator for you the reader to develop a better understanding of what you know about God and Satan.  If you are a Conservative traditional Christian and do not consider such subjects as the Holy Spirit, angels and demons are relevant to your faith then I challenge you to read this book. If you are a skeptic and doubt the realities of Satan, demons and other unseen forces this book by Dr. Jack Graham will enlighten you. If you are an intercessor then reading Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Winning the Battle for Eternity will help you take your prayers to another level. Assisted by the discussion questions at the end of each chapter you, the reader, will know that heaven and hell are very real therefore angels and Satan are too.
The book is an easy read, not all data and Scripture. Personal and practical stories are woven within its’ pages to make it possible for the reader to digest the information.  If you are familiar with Dr. Graham via his television program “Power Point” then you know the information he shares is practical, biblical and applicable to our daily lives.
I recommend this book. It is ideal for Small Group Bible Study (there is a free online curriculum available) as well as personal growth and development. I strongly suggest you purchase a COPY.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a review. 
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

MERCY PRAYER by Robert Gelinas

    The Mercy Prayer: The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers by Robert Gelinas was not what I expected based on the title. Headlined as “The One Prayer Jesus Answered” I expected to read about how to pray effectively when going through difficult times. What I read was a book on God's mercy throughout scripture.
    For a better understanding of God’s mercy reading The Mercy Prayer: The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers would be very helpful. The author walks the reader through a Biblical study of how Father God reveals His love for His children in their times of need.
    My hesitancy in really liking this book is the complexity of the concept as the author Robert Gelinas presents it. I have been taught and teach the simplest prayer is: “Help” no need to pray “Lord have mercy” as the author suggest (page 62).  I believe God’s mercy by definition has nothing to do with what we do or do not understand but more with His love and compassion for us, saved or unsaved. Therefore, it is important to understand that He is a merciful God (reading this book will help) however we have no control over whom He shows mercy to.
I will cause all My goodness to pass before you, and I will declare My name, the Eternal One, before you. I will show mercy to whomever I choose to show mercy, and I will demonstrate compassion on whomever I choose to have compassion. Exodus 33:19 The Voice
  The basis of The Mercy Prayer: The One Prayer Jesus Always Answers is to teach people how merciful God is, I don’t think we will ever in our humanistic mind be able to fully grasp this subject. It is easy to believe God will forgive our sins it is those individuals who are on the major sin list (ideologically speaking) that cause us to not fully accept the mercy of Father God. As believers all we can do is to trust Him and lean not to our understanding.

I recommend this book to my readers. I would suggest getting an eBook or borrowing a copy. xxx Marsha L Randolph

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.   

Monday, August 12, 2013

SEA SCRIBE by D. I. Telbat

     The key to an excellent action adventure book is one that starts out with more questions than answers; Sea Scribe is such a book.

  • What happens when Laura believes she hits someone while driving under the influence of alcohol and decides to run? 
  • What Happens when Troy starts out on a trip that he has planning for  years to carry out a God given purpose and not only encounters Laura but a few other individuals?  
  • Will the underground network be revealed to the authorities?
You will be unable to stop reading,  compelled to read more as you try to connect all of the dots of this adventure in the Ocean. How does a man on a solo mission have so many visitors, including a cat?

Sea Scribe by D.I. Telbat goes beyond action, adventure and Christian Fiction which should capture the attention of anyone who craves a well written book.   If you have never read a book by D. I. Telbat you are in for a treat when you read Sea Scribe.

One of the reasons why I appreciate D.I.Telbat as an author is his ability to present a truth regarding religious persecution without being preachy. He is by far my favorite author and I always make room to review one of his books.  Sadly as with : Dark Hearted, Dark Liason and Dark Rule are in eBook form so is Sea Scribe , I would love to have these books in print on my book shelf.
I recommend that you purchase Sea Scribe.

I was given a complimentary copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013


    "Evil Does Not Have The Last Wordby Eric Shoars Ph.D. is a slow paced Biographical / Inspirational book.  It is a one sided conversation in which the author explains to the listener, or in this case the reader, how to overcome dark times. It is not just the author’s experiences that are discussed but those of others who have encountered difficult times which could be considered evil.
  I am struggling to write a review only because I see where the author was going however the pace of the book made it difficult for me to stay interested. Perhaps if I was going through some personal tragedy it would have been easier to follow.
   Now, I am thinking that perhaps this is a “guy”. In “Evil Does Not Have The Last Word” Dr. Shoars uses comic heroes to make some points.  This is definitely not like many of the other books on hope that I have read in the past.
   The fact that “Evil Does Not Have The Last Word” is not like any other books may be why this book is well worth reading.  Often when we are going through difficult times the books seem to read and say the same thing. Because his approach is different perhaps this is really the one you need particularly if you have just experienced a tragedy.

I recommend this book and though it is worth the purchase you might want to read a few pages first.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review. 
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