Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It’s a spy novel- no it’s a memoir that reads like a spy novel! DEEP UNDERCOVER by Jack Barsky with Cindy Coloma begins by stimulating the readers curiosity, something every book should do, as to whether or not the first few pages are truthful. I had to double check the dust cover to remind myself that this was not fiction but a very real tale of a spay who lived secret lives.
I did watch the 60 Minute news cast regarding the life of Jack Barsky thus all the information presented in this book was new to me.

Generally speaking DEEP UNDERCOVER is the story of Albrecht Dittrich who became a spy for the KGB. What lead him to becoming an agent and what happened during the time he worked for as a Russian spy is detailed in this book. But what does Jack Barsky have to do with Albrecht Dittrich? That you must read the book to discover.

Jack Barsky’s life reads like the television series “24”, a soap opera, and a news documentary combined. Is that even possible? It takes someone like Cindy Coloma, the collaborator, who has written both fiction and nonfiction to present such fascinating information in an entertaining and informative way.  To say that I enjoyed the book is an understatement.

DEEP UNDERCOVER- My Secret Life & Tangled Allegiance as a KGB Spy in America by Jack Barsky with Cindy Coloma is a great spy novel that is not a a spy novel. It is a true story of a  man who learned to love America. Written by Marsha L F Randolph

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Friday, March 3, 2017

ARE MY KIDS ON TRACK? by S Goff, D Thomas and M Trevathan

ARE MY KIDS ON TRACK - The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach by Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan is the book I read to review. I have already raised my children thus I read this book from a post-parenting perspective.

Nothing should be etched in stone however reading ARE MY KIDS ON TRACK would be a very positive parenting tool. Many of the “Building Blocks” discussed should be common sense skill sets such as “listening.” What this book seems to do is to direct parents back to traditional parenting. I would encourage parents to read it, not to see if their child / children are on “track” per-say but to make sure as parents there is an awareness of the unique needs of each child.

At the end of each chapter there is a list of Practical Suggestions for developing the concepts of each chapter. ARE MY KIDS ON TRACK is divided into three milestones, categories: Emotional, Social and Spiritual.  These milestones are subdivided by philosophies associated with each concept presented. For Emotional Milestones the reader examines: Emotional Vocabulary, Perspective, Empathy, Resourcefulness. Thus, at the end of the chapter relating to Empathy the reader will have Practical Ideas for Building Empathy.

Why do I say these are common sense skill sets parents should have? In Practical Ideas for Building Boundaries number one on the list is: have your child talk about conflict. In other words parents need to allow their children to vent. Because I took my job as a parent very seriously and used a lot of common sense much of what was in this book I did.

Unfortunately, many of today’s parents did not have great examples of parenting or they thought there was a better way. ARE MY KIDS ON TRACK  is a good book for parents to read though some of the suggestion may have you saying; “Now you tell me!”   written by Marsha L F Randolph

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