Saturday, March 16, 2013


    Some books you should not start unless you have time to finish it without interruption “The Disillusioned” by D. J Williams is one of them.  I declined an invitation from my husband to go out so that I could finish this book. Yes, it is better than good.
“You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to die.”
    What an ominous statement. (page 52 of my copy)  To answer this question Sam and Danny had to understand their mother’s will. How do you make sense out of something that does not make sense? Particularly when you believed you knew everything there was to know about your parents. How do you ascertain the truth when you do not know where to look? What would the truth look like; particularly after discovering that you believed in  an illusion?
     “The Disillusioned” is truly a well written novel filled with intrigue that just so happens to involve a church. Now there are jabs here and there about traditional religion and I think they were very appropriate, under the circumstances.  If you attend a mega-church put your sensitivity aside, no one is talking about you! The book is fiction.  If you hate big churches, please remind yourself that the book is fiction; this really did not happen even though it reads like a true life story. Get past the church thing and enjoy this very well crafted story of the individual journeys of 3 people who were destined to meet despite the circumstances.

Of course I recommend this book, it is to good to pass up! And I would suggest you purchase your own copy, don’t wait for it to come to a library.   MARSHA L. RANDOLPH 

I received a complimentary copy  in ebook format in exchange of an honest review.

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