Monday, May 13, 2013


What is redemption? It is the rescue of the soul. What is a Barista? A person who specializes in the preparation of coffee, in particular “espresso.”  “The Barista ” by Elijah G. Clark is the story of one persons rescue from a life of skepticism to one of understanding  aided by the Barista.
The Barista ” is written in my favorite genre:  Biblically inspired  Christian Fiction and presented in a way that makes the story believable.    The main character, George, is introduced to the reader as he shares with his wife his opinion of the church as it stands today. You will either agree or disagree with George I pray that you are not so religious that you cannot appreciate the words written.
 “The Barista” is a story which inspires contemplation and is told as such thus the pace of the book is steady but not bang- bang action.  The character development is appropriate and the book is not to long or to short; it is just right.
Everything is relative thus the book title and the chapter titles are purposeful. If you are not a coffee drinker you may not appreciate the steps involved in making the perfect cup of coffee however I believe it is ingenious to utilize the process in such a way.  The Preparation, The Ingredients, The Cup are just a few of the chapter titles which have a corresponding thought. For example: 
The fact that I don’t deserve forgiveness is the true beauty of God’s grace”
What powerful words found in “The Barista ” by Elijah G. Clark, Chapter Twelve “ADD THE CREAM”. 
This is a book written for Christians however I would challenge anyone to read this book and not glean some truths from it.  Of course as a believer we know the Truth. I recommend this book and would encourage you purchase it.

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