Friday, April 18, 2014

fixing the money thing by Gary Keesee

I happened to come across the program FIXING THE MONEY THING on the Daystar network a few months ago I was so intrigued by the message of Gary and Drenda Keesee. After a few weeks of  watching the program I ordered the book “Fixing the Money Thing: A practical Guide to Your Financial Success .” 
 This is the best book on finances that I have ever read. I am financial consultant with clients that range from low income to financially independent Fixing the Money Thing will benefit everyone. Unlike other books including Dave Ramsey (yes his book is on my shelf as well) Gary Keesee discuses our money behaviors in a non-accusing manner then teaches the reader a better way of doing things. Unlike other books I have read on the topic “Fixing the Money Thing ” uses Biblical principles to teach individuals how to manage money, in particular how to get out of debt.  According to Gary and Drenda (his wife) it is possible to become debt free within 7 years.
The concepts taught in Fixing the Money Thing thing the book and the television program are the concepts I use with my clients only he has more experience than I do. Pastor Gary Keesee is able  to present “a practical guide to your financial success” using numerous real life examples. More important he has been there and done that.
The Keesee’s were able to get out of debt in which they owed approximately $200,000 in seven years. Their television program serves as a platform for men and women of God to share their faith based keys to success and includes people who are struggling to get out of debt and multi-millionaires.
Many people enjoy another individual who has both books and a television program. I have watched his show on the Business News Network and I have evaluated his University program which is offered at my church. Though I cannot deny the number of successes he has had I can tell you it is not for me.
After watching the program for a few weeks and desperately wanting to become debt free I wrote Gary Keesee via email and he replied (about 3 days later). For years I felt that I could not become debt free without the agreement of my husband, which I did not have. I wrote Pastor Keesee and explained my situation and wondered if there was an “alternative program”. His encouraging response gave me the boost of faith that I needed.
In Fixing the Money Thing Gary Keesee teaches how little things can make a difference. This book is well worth your purchasing, definitely doable and I recommend it to all of my clients, friends and family.
Unlike other reviews I purchased this book and am reviewing it independent of any publishing company or writer.
Note to the reader: Debt has become an American norm, this should not so. I am on a personal mission to own my home in less than 15 years, despite what my husband says and to be otherwise debt free in less than 7. My goal is to bring as many people as I can along with me.  For more information about what I do and how I do it please email me at or visit my financial web site: Marsha Lynnette Randolph You can become debt free and financially independent.

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