Thursday, July 24, 2014

GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson M.D.

GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson MD with Cecil Murphy is motivational, inspirational, informative and profound. It is motivational because he did not let growing up poor or the opinions of people influence him. It is inspirational because Dr. Carson from an early age was a man of faith and throughout the pages in the book he shares his dependence on God. It is Informative because he shares the importance of opening your mind to all points of view as well as quite a few details associated with a few of his memorable surgeries. As I read GIFTED hands I was impressed with how humble this very skilled man is which makes the biography profound.
I purchased this book over five years ago and just recently decided to read it. I do not believe in accidents or coincidents and am sure this was my time to read GIFTED HANDS. Reading the biography of Dr. Ben Carson has motivated me to continue to do what is right and to trust God in every area of my life.

I recomend this book particularly if you are looking for something motivational. This is not your ordinary biography.  Marsha L. Randolph 

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