Monday, August 11, 2014

TAKE THE RISK by Ben Carson MD and Gregg Lewis

Dr. Ben Carson is a very articulate man who speaks gently using very powerful words. In this book TAKE THE RISK he helps us overcome I hesitancy to move forward. By sharing his stories of risk taking and the philosophy associated with going against the grain Dr. Carson presents a different perspective about risk before teaching the readers a few pointers on evaluating a risk.
Some risk are not worth it where as others are necessary. In “TAKE THE RISK Learning to Identify, Choose, and Live with Acceptable Risk” by Ben Carson MD and Gregg Lewis the readers is provided with a format that can aid in determining if an action is viable.
One of the advantages of reading a book authored by Dr. Carson is his credibility. His been there done that this is what I did presentation is validated by his success despite the circumstances surrounding his childhood.
TAKE THE RISK is very inspirational and well worth anyone reading. It is 236 pages, as with all of his books it reads well with each of the 17 chapters building upon each other.

I recommend the reader purchase their own copy of this book. Originally published in 2008 I am sure the reader will be able to find a copy in print.  

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