Monday, November 24, 2014


Life is a journey, where you go and how far you go depends totally on you. Many people refuse to travel outside of their comfort zone, some allow others to dictate how to live life, very few people ignore the opinions of others and seek the desires of their heart. HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES by Hannah Hurnard is a classic allegory that examines the decisions Much Afraid, the main character, made about her life.
Because HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES is an allegory, many people have difficulty following this type of writing style but I can only tell you to stick to it.
You can find the synopsis of the book anywhere, feel free to read the back of the book, what I think you should know is this book is about life and faith. We all can relate to the various personalities and other struggles the main character was forced to deal with. Who does not understand how the wrong perspective can hold you back from succeeding in life. For me the most important concept, which is why this book is such a great read, was how faith was developed through the negative characters and self-identity struggles Much Afraid had to deal with. If you are honest you will not only enjoy this book but you will begin to relate to one of the characters in the book (which is what makes a novel go from good to great)and you will learn from it.
The first time I read this book I so identified with Much Afraid her journey became my journey. Today I see myself as a worker in His service.

HINDS’ FEET ON HIGH PLACES is from my personal collection, over the years I have purchased and given away several copies. Yes! I recommend you read this book. 

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