Tuesday, May 12, 2015

THE ART OF WINNING by Jeffrey Rachmat

Before I even tell you about this book I have to thank Pastor Mathias Grehn of VISION CHURCH -Miami Florida for this great gift of wisdom. I must also say: This is one of the most fabulous book covers I have seen since “The Truth About Vastai.” {Yes, this is a cheap plug for my book!}
It does not take a lot of words when the ones chosen are succinct which is what you will find in THE ART OF WINNING by Jeffrey Rachmat. This book takes the reader from precept to precept for those whose goal it is to live according to God’s purpose using Biblical principles. One hundred ten pages is really all it took and yet by the time the reader is finished it is as if he or she has read more.
THE ART OF WINNING by Jeffrey Rachmat presents the biblical definition of and principles associated with success applicable for anyone no matter what the life path is. There are so many nuggets of wisdom found through out this book that I could not choose one; however, I have underlined an entire paragraph and put an asterisk by the section entitled: “[transforming abilities into expertise]” this section concludes with “Excellence has its price and people of excellence are highly paid in these and other fields.”
This book was published in 2004 and a second edition in 2010 a quick search revealed that it is only available on Amazon in eBook format.  If you are in business or ministry this book is definitely worth looking for in print if possible but at least the ebook is available. I recommend and encourage you purchase this book  

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