Monday, July 6, 2015


”Most impressive; that was my first response when I saw what a group of people could do with larimar. What is larimar?   It is a unique crystallized mineral, pectolite which normally has white to grayish color. Larimar also called “Stefilia’s Stone” is unique because of it’s shades of blue coloring.  VISION BIJOU was created to take this rare stone and present it to the world in the form of jewelry.  What the craftsman have been able to do with this stone is, in my opinion “most impressive.”

VISION BIJOU is the internet based outlet where you and your friends can purchase the various items offered. I must warn you: each piece though similar in design, because it is natural stone, has it’s own personality to it. No two pieces are exactly alike.
VISION BIJOU is jewelry with a cause; there is a purpose for the sale of the jewelry that goes beyond capitalism. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) of the profit  goes to supporting families in the poverty ridden Dominican Republic; the cost of supplies, shipping and handling are the ONLY adjustments made. It is safe to assume that without VISION BIJOU the workers would be unemployed.

Like other churches around the world VISION CHURCH MIAMI reaches out into the community. One church in particular is IGLESIA VISION SANTO DOMINICO, the home of VISION BIJOU.

 Understanding the poverty cycle the leadership at VISION CHURCH MIAMI chose to do more than just pay the expenses associated with supporting a church.  Under the leadership of Pastor Mathias Grehn the church sponsored (paid for) the development of a jewelry making business which has become a job creator and a much needed source of income for the community. As the jewelry sales increase there will be a need to bring on more workers. Those originally trained will become the trainers, this is how you break the cycle of poverty.

Not only is IGLESIAVISION SANTO DOMINICO feeding the souls of men and women in a very poor part of the Dominican Republic it is also strengthening the family by alleviating the stress associated with poverty. VISION BIJOU is jewelry with a cause and the cause is worth supporting.

As I was researching larimar for this post I came across a company that sells something similar (for a profit without a cause) for three times the amount offered via VISION BIJOU. I happen to know a new shipment of jewelry recently came in to the office; it is always WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  
VISION BIJOU is jewelry with a cause. 

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