Monday, November 9, 2015

NKJV PROPHECY STUDY BIBLE John Hagee General Editior

Generally speaking most people will purchase a standard Bible without a commentary or they will ignore the commentaries that are a part of the book. People who intentionally purchase study Bibles, Bibles with: comments, cross references, historical data and other advance information do so because of the additional information. The problem then becomes which of the many study Bibles available do you choose.

The NKJV PROPHECY STUDY BIBLE , John Hagee General Editor; is the newest edition of study Bibles in the Thomas Nelson publishing house collection. It’s relevance is made plain in the subtitle: “Understanding God’s Message In The Last Days.”

Every time I review a study Bible, particular my favorite translation the New King James, I  learn something new from the commentary and the supplemental information provided. The NKJV PROPHECY STUDY BIBLE addresses something I firmly believe: we are at the ending of times.

Once you get past the Forward written by John C. Hagee and the list of the Books of the Bible and before you reach Genesis you will come gains very valuable information that makes this book worth while. Important information which you would traditionally have to look for in the back of the book is conveniently in the front. I was particularly interested in the section on Events on the End Times” which includes a discussion on the rapture and the tribulation. So what is at the back of the book? The concordance and maps of course.

Throughout the Bible portion of the NKJV PROPHECY STUDY BILE are other helps including: “20 Questions About Bible Prophecy” and “Diamonds for Daily Living.” In terms of a study Bible I would say this one is more challenging for me personally because it contains more information that I am not familiar with, in other words it is not a cookie-cutter study Bible. I like it!

I recommend the NKJV PROPHECY STUDY BIBLE - Understanding God’s Message In The Last Days” I think everyone should read this one however if you have never read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation before you may not read this one in 12 months.

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