Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FEISTY & FEMININE by Penny Young Nance

I chose to review FEISTY & FEMININE by Penny Young Nance because of the title. I think it is time women begin to embrace who they are as females of strength and character and not good looks and non-aggressive demeanors. Far to many women, of all political persuasions, focus on appearance in addition to skill. That said no one can deny that the author is a beautiful woman, let’s get past that.

FEISTY & FEMININE A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women is a book about what it should mean to be female but because of liberalism womanhood has been maligned. In sharing her philosophy on what it means to be a “Conservative Woman” the author actually describes the normal life for a female once was before labels and political correctness became the standard.
There are ten chapters in this book: “The Devaluation of Women,” “Sexual Assault of Women,” “Marriage and True Tolerance,”  “Abortion and Sanctity of Life,” “The Real War Against Women,” “The Rise of Islamic Extremism and the Need to Fight Back,” “Beyond Our Borders: Why Israel Matters to Christians,” “Seasons: Work,, Family, Life, and the Art of Balance,” and “A Vision for the Future;” these are nine of the ten. Each chapter is important not just to womanhood but to humanity.

Since the beginning of time women have been strong and independent, in the process of time  definitions were manipulated and many women believed they could not succeed because they were female. In accepting the glass ceiling theory and then blaming the problem on Republican men the liberal agenda was promoted and Conservative women who chose not to accept the stereotypes were ridiculed. FEISTY & FEMININE by Penny Young Nance is a reminder to us all that strong and independent characteristics do not stop a person from being feminine.   This book is an informative read and I recommend it.

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