Wednesday, July 13, 2016

PREPPING ON A BUDGET by Morgan Barnrardt

Unlike most of the books I review PREPPING ON A BUDGET by  by Morgan Barnhart is from my personal collection. It is a FREE ebook available in all formats (epub, mobi-Kindle, PDF and other) on Smashwords (; this is where I publish my ebooks. I downloaded the PDF version, it is 7 pages total including cover, title page and additional information page.

The purpose of this book is to give the individual who wants to be ready for any emergency an affordable ideas as to how to do so.

I am a supporter of self-sufficiency and appreciate the idea of being prepared. In my research for both personal information and to research for my upcoming book “You’re Not Ready” I discovered a couple of books PREPPING ON A BUDGET was one of them.

Don’t let the word “Prepper” scare you. We all want to be ready for an emergency and there are all kinds of emergencies occurring today. Download this book and act upon the information available.

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