Thursday, April 20, 2017


I have quite a collection of FREE reference books which includes SEWING BASICS RESOURCE GUIDE. I am not new to sewing but I do lack quite a few fundamentals thus I was looking for information on line one day when I happened upon this FREE PDF ebook. If you have this guide you will not need any other!  What is discussed:

  •   The Basic Parts of a Sewing Machine
  •   Sewing A Seem
  •   Basic Machine Stitches
  •   Selecting Machine Stitch Length
  •   Sewing Machine Tension Control
  •   Top Five Cutting Tools for Sewing
  •   Deciphering Measuring Tape Marks
  •   Sewing Machine Needles
  •   Hand Sewing Needles
  •   Selecting the Right Thread
  •   Bias Tape Cheat Sheet
  •   Selecting Fabric
  •   Know How Much Fabric to Buy
  •   How to Rip Out a Seam
  •   Securing Machine-Sewn Seams
  •   How to Make a Simple Hem
  •   How to sew a Button

The diagram of the sewing machine is accompanied by an easy to understand definition of each item.
For example: #11 is the THREAD TENSION DIAL on the diagram. But what is it for? The explanation reads as follows:   “Thread tension dial: Controls the tension on the top thread. If too tight, the bobbin thread appears on the right side of the fabric. If set too loose, the needle thread loops on the underside of the fabric.”

SEWING BASICS RESOURCE GUIDE a FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF file is an overview of everything a sewist needs to start sewing. I have seen some of the very expensive books available for purchase and I would suggest you download this file first. True, it is an overview of how to sew but most of the things you will learn is achieved through practice.

I am sure that somewhere on the Sew4Home web page you can access this and more data however you can also Google the title and the link will take you directly to the file (or just click the link). SEWING BASICS RESOURCE GUIDE is well worth the download and, as I have done, printing out the 30 pages.

I am not affiliated with Sew4Home in anyway and was not asked to write this review.  The website contains a wealth of information for the beginner as well as an advanced sewer. xxxMarsha L F Randolph

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