Friday, May 12, 2017


I was looking for a book on healthy living and healthy eating recently and I was overwhelmed by the selections. I wanted a book that did not tell me what to eat but why I should or should not eat something. I wanted a book that explained the difference between things like pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. THE LYONS LIFESTYLE, by M. Frank Lyons II,  does all of this and more.  I began learning at the introduction, which is not always the case with non-fiction books.

“a growing number of women joined and remained in the American workforce. This change contributed to rapid expansion of the fast-food industry, the processed food industry, and the dining-out experience as a way for families to cope with less food preparation time at home. The shift in the US diet to prepared food brought on more sugar, trans fat, omega-6 fat, and carbohydrate consumption. The human body wasn't engineered to handle this massive surge in carbohydrate metabolism,” (Page 9)

The book is easy to read and understanding while teaching in a non-condescending way. Quite a bit of the information in this book I suspected to be true but never did the research to confirm my suspicions.

Do you remember the “Read the Label” television ads?  Once upon a time the government wanted us to know what we were eating. Why did they stop making those public service ads? After reading this book you will know what the food industry does not want you thinking about which is probably why no one is encouraging you to read the label. “Low Sodium” is placed in bold writing so that you will not examine the fine print.

I firmly believe, and this book confirms the idea, that we must evaluate everything we introduce into our body. Reading labels are important as is knowing where you foods come from. There is a direct relationship between the types of diseases prevalent today and the way food is processed.   This book should be on your MUST READ LIST. —written by Masha L F Randolph

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