Friday, February 8, 2013


     I was sucked into the zone of “Through the Crimson Mirror” from the first sentence. As a reader I was able to appreciate the somber philosophical writing style of author Daniel Alexander. As a writer I understood the need to put his emotions into words and as a reviewer I appreciated his parenting observations.
    The eBook is less a do’s and don’ts of parenting and more of a consider this when you do that collection of very important ideas.   As the subtitle implies “Through the Crimson Mirror” is a biographical reflection such a complicated way of saying “how I got to be me”.  Daniel Alexander’s story is a reminder that there is no set formula to raising the perfect child yet there are some things that we as parents can do to not raise a troubled child. 
    If you are one who likes to pick up a book and read progressively, step one do this step two do that, you may have difficulty digesting the information in the book. There are “Symphonies” and “plays” and “scenes” in lieu of chapters. Don’t put the book down. I suggest you find a quiet space, take a deep breath and read one word at a time. 
“Through the Crimson Mirror” is a direct reflection of the author Daniel Alexander’s personal experience and it therefore reflects such.  In terms of parenting the reader may find some areas in which he or she is in 100 percent agreement and other areas in which he or she may strongly disagree with. Hopefully, upon completion of this book you will grow not just as a parent but as an individual.

I recommend this book and would strongly suggest you purchase it.

I receive a complimentary copy of the book in order to provide and honest review. 

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