Tuesday, January 29, 2013


     Technically, “17 CENTS AND A DREAM” by Daniel Milstein, is the biography of a child who migrates with his family from USSR to America and grows up to be successful. It is not the technicalities of the book that makes it worth reading it is discovering how a man’s character can push him beyond his known limits enduring the burdens of change on his way to fulfilling his purpose.
    The road to success is filled with all types of barriers some man-made and some self created “17 Cents And A Dream” addresses many of these hindrances in a very personal way. It is difficult to move forward when it appears as though the world is against you. The wisdom found throughout the book will give the reader new insight as to how to overcome unrelenting difficulties.
    More than a biography the book is motivational. It begins with Chernobyl an event I was aware of but like many had forgotten.  This firsthand knowledge of the event is a much needed reminder of history and is one of the first obstacles in Daniel Milstein’s journey to success. “17 Cents And A Dream” is ot only thought provoking but exciting from beginning to end.

I recommend reading this book as well as purchasing a copy.
I received a complimentary copy of in exchange for an unbiased review.

READERS: Download the Kindle version of the book for 99 cents February 4 thru 8th

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