Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Questions From The Book of Luke by M L Floyd

     It is a tough habit to break if you are accustomed to having someone tell you how to think. Most Bible studies assign a passage to read, a question to be answered and then the correct answer.  Not so with “MYQUESTIONS FROM THE BOOK OF LUKE” by M L Floyd
MY QUESTIONSFROM THE BOOK OF LUKE is exactly what the titles suggest a series of questions that were written  to challenge the readers traditional way of reading the Bible. 
For example: In Luke chapter 15 there is the story often entitled “The Prodigal Son”  M L Floyd directs the attention from the son to the father  when she ask:
"Do you believe God will meet you where you are?"
This question is followed by the verse Luke: 15:20 using the Expanded Bible.  Which includes a commentary within its’ text “[C-an undignified act for a family patriarch; evidence of his unrestrained love]”
Question, Bible Verse(s) and then a statement to Contemplate is the format for  this short eBook. In the above example the statement to contemplate is as follows:
"See above commentary: “an undignified act for a family patriarch; evidence of his unrestrained love”"
There is no right or wrong answer, the book is just a guide created to help  the reader discover Biblical truths. In not limiting herself to one particular Bible the reader engages in a personal Bible Study which will develop his or her own understanding.

This book is available via Smashwords in eBook format.

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