Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My granddaughter and I waited patiently for Zondervans’ NIV Bible for young ladies. This review is presented based not only on my opinion but her initial assessment.
Very few things are more important to a 10 year old girl than how things look. As we opened the box and looked at Young Women of Faith Bible, NIV she smiled. I opened the book, to no page in particular, and asked her to read the commentary: “We are family.” She understood it. My granddaughter loves this Bible.
Young Women of Faith Bible, NIVis a New International Version study Bible written specifically for girls and it is very “girlie” and very appropriate for ages 9-12. Unlike “grown up” study Bibles it is not bombarded with details that young ladies may not be interested in. By incorporating short commentaries as an outside column, in pink with a butterfly on top,concepts such as: “Bad Things Happen” within the book of Job help put God’s words in an understandable form. Journaling is another tool utilized to explain a principle, for example: Mark 4:21-23 putting a flashlight under the bed versus putting a lamp under the bed. As with grown-up study Bibles various people are identified, with less detail of course, and each book is given a brief introduction.
Young Women of Faith Bible, NIV contains a mini concordance a weekly study plan and of course maps (in color)
What a great gift for your child or grandchild. What an awesome tool. Because my daughter and I were looking for a new Bible for my granddaughter the publication is very timely. My daughter looked through the Bible and gave her stamp of approval. However, I think the greatest review comes from my granddaughter Akira who says the Bible is: AWESOME!!!!!
I definitely recommend you purchase Young Women of Faith Bible, NIV. I will be suggesting my church purchase copies.

I received a complimentary copy of in exchange for an honest and fair review.  
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