Friday, August 19, 2016


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Sometimes a person can feel like he or she is the only one in the room who cannot seem to make things happen. I wrote MOVING FORWARD BY FAITH because I looked back on my life one day and realized I made it.
I don’t have a Masters, Bachelors or even Associates degree like many people I have a PhD in life. I survived because when I was down I looked up. There were days when I did not want to go on so I prayed. There were movements when the words “I quit” were on the tip of my tongue but I just said “Praise God” instead.
MOVING FORWARD BY FAITH is what I did and what I do. This book examines four ideas regarding personal growth and development: Perspective, Faith, Forgive and Purpose. As a Bible Teacher I don’t believe any lesson is etched in stone but should be adapted, within the boundaries of Scripture, to personal goals.
This is a revised edition originally published under the pseudonym M L Floyd. As I revised  MOVING FORWARD BY FAITH I was encouraged, we are always going through something. Read this ebook to help determine if you are indeed on the right path.

A note about this review: Yes, I reviewed my own book, I have chosen not to pay for reviewers who pretend to be a non-payed or unbiased reader. Most people who like books will recommend them to friends but not post a review. I write from experience and study and I share what I know with my pen.  FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST THIS BOOK IS FREE.

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