Monday, June 16, 2014


I have mixed emotions about SHARING CHRIST WITH THE DYING perhaps because I had such high expectations based on my activities within the church and the various classes I have taken as a Bereavement Support Team Member. I was hopping to learn something I did not know unfortunately I did not.
SHARING CHRIST WITH THE DYING is a well written book about that journals the authors experience with death of loved ones. Anyone who has had to deal with hospice understands how well versed in the nuances of each member of the care team who works with the family as well as the patient. Melody Rossi presents an overview of almost every aspect of hospice care.
This is my problem with the book: I expected to read about sharing the gospel with someone who was dying I was not looking for a book on hospice care.
Her chapter on Spiritual Warfare seems incomplete almost amateurish. She presents 10 questions for the reader to ask him or herself the first two are as follows: What is God trying to accomplish right now? 2) Would Satan have any reason to interfere? Dear readers the answer is found in John 10:10 (paraphrased): Jesus declared that the enemy (Satan) came to kill steal and destroy but I (Jesus) came that you may have life and more abundantly. Whenever believers pray for someone Satan is going to oppose it thus there will be a battle.
It has been my personal experience, you share Christ with the dying the same way you do with the living - by first praying and secondly choosing your words so the individual receives them.
There are other things within the book that I could not fully appreciate however this would be a good book as a reference for anyone who would like to know what to expect when a loved one is placed on hospice care. I would suggest you check this book out of the library.

I received a complimentary copy of in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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