Thursday, June 19, 2014


After going through the technical aspects of NIrV ADVENTURE BIBLE I sat down with my 6 year old grandson to do a Bible Study. I chose the book of Proverbs.
Our first impression of the book; cool! It’s special edition 3-D cover quickly attracted my grandson who wanted the Bible instantly. I personally played with various angles intrigued by what I saw. Getting past the pleasure of the book cover design I read the information presented about what an NIrV was, this was important for me because I have read the NIV Bible but not the New International Readers Version. Of course there was the section on “How to use this Bible written in very simple, large font, terms; perhaps grown up Bibles should do the same. The overall opinion of my grandson, his sister, their mother and myself was this is indeed a good Bible.
I chose the book of Proverbs because I knew I could explain the verses easily to a six year old. As with every book in the NIrV Bible the overview contains what individuals studying the Bible need to know: who wrote it, when was it written and why was it written. It also points out verses that are relevant to children. I used the recommendation to read Proverbs 3:5-6 which happens to be one of my favorites.
The two verses generated an excellent discussion between myself, my grandson and his 10 year old sister. It was clear to me that they both understood the verse and could apply it to their own life, which is what we want when our children, grandchildren, read God’s word.
There are quite a few Bible nuggets presented in the NIrV ADVENTURE BIBLE. However, I suspect that one of the attractions for young people is the adventure theme woven throughout the book. There are pictures of: elephants, parrots, frogs, and monkeys that ask “Did You Know” tells us to “Live It!” and share various treasures. “Life in Bible Times” signs teach various historical information.
The NIrV ADVENTURE BIBLE is written on the level of an early reader age 6 -10 years old. Yet I will be sharing some of the information in it with my adult Bible Study group.
I definitely recommend this Bible be purchased.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.xx Marsha L Randolph

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