Wednesday, March 4, 2015


To many people the phrase Christian Philosophy would be an oxymoron, that is because people really do not know what the term “philosophy” means. My definition based on Websters’: the compilation of information for the purpose of developing character, lifestyles, and / or morality. By definition faith is a philosophy and therefore Christians have one.

CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY by Andrew Wommack is the evaluation of what Christians should believe in comparison with what they do. In this book he addresses (by chapter) such topics as: the truthfulness of the Bible, suffering, evolution, homosexuality, abortion, and even topics like “How Do I Follow God?.” In addressing the various topics Mr. Wommack goes to the root of why a person would believe certain things and uses Scripture to uproot false teachings.

I am an Andrew Wommack fan and plan to attend his Charis Bible College here in Miami an admitted bias. However I would not recommend CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY if I did not think the book was worth the read. I do recommend the purchase of the book.

Because of the order in which information is presented and the respectful way some ideologies are debunked I believe this is a necessary tool for any believer to have. CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY by Andrew Wommack is appropriate for non-believers, new and mature Believers. The corresponding teaching series with the same title would serve as a compliments to the book.

Available on Amazon and where other Christian books are sold I would recommend you purchase this book direct from ANDREW WOMMACK MINISTRIES WEBSITE.

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