Friday, October 2, 2015

NIrV GIANT PRINT HOLY BIBLE - Zondervan Publishers

I can see! When I opened up the NIrV GIANT PRINT HOLY BIBLE published by Zondervan I was amazed to see “super sized” fonts!
I had heard of, and have several versions of the NIV Bible but never had I heard of the New International Reader’s Version Bible. Promoted as a Bible that is not only easy to read like the NIV but easy to read and understand no matter who is reading it. This is important because many people skip the introduction which contains valuable information regarding how this particular translation was written and notes regarding particular verses.
Did you know that some verses are not included in various translations because some of the original translations did not have them?
Whereas many Bibles have a concordance in the back the NIrV GIANT PRINT HOLY BIBLE has a dictionary which though is not extensive does carry basic definition that are important for Believers to know.  Instead of a Topical Index there is a list of  150 famous Bible Stories.

I chose to read various Scriptures that are often quoted and familiar. This included: Psalm 23 and 91, Proverbs 31, Matthew 6:33 (my favorite verse) Hebrews 11 and lastly Genesis 1. In comparison with its’ counter the NIV Bible the words are not the same, it is even more simplistic.

Part of the beauty of the Bible is the poetic flow of the words. Unfortunately in making the book a much easier read it takes away from some of the majesty. For example we can read in Psalms 23:1: “The Lord is my Shepherd. He gives me everything I need.”  Though this is what ‘the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want’ means there is a difference.

I think this is a good Bible and if you or someone you know has a desire to read the Bible but lack the motivation to read a more traditional translation the NIrV GIANT PRINT HOLY BIBLE is worth it. My only hope is that after reading this translation the individual would eventually advance to one of the not so simplistic version. I do recommend this Bible, if for no other reason the font is excellent.

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