Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF SELF-PUBLISHING uploaded by  Full Sail University is an excellent discussion on publishing a book as well music.
This is a must watch for those who are considering publishing a book. There is general information regarding: traditional publishing, self publishing and independent publishing. Because of my personal experience over the past five years I appreciate 100% of what was said. Even the discussion on independent music producers made sense to me.
What I did not know about was the music aspects of self-producing, apparently writers and musicians have a lot in common.  If you are a musician this video is well worth your watching; don’t fast forward past the writing discussions because the concepts are the same.

This is the first of what will be many reviews of what I watch on YouTube. I would encourage you to “Like” and “Subscribe” to the channels that you watch, this serves as encouragement to the individual posting as well as their ratings. For those who earn money on YouTube it helps with the quality of advertisers they receive and thus increases their revenues which also serves as encouragement. Posting a video is not easy.

DISCLOSURE: I reviewed this video based on my personal preferences and without any solicitation from its’ producers. I was not asked to complete a review nor was I compensated for such. The producer of this video retains all rights and responsibilities for its’ content. 

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